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Colorado, Kontiki, Swedco
City Center Hotel
Red Restaurant
Victoria Vestaurant
Boudoir Restaurant
Ya Ouzaki Tavern
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Rhodes New Town
New Town
The New Town. When the Turks conquered Rhodes, they displaced the Greeks and only the Turks and Jews were allowed within the Old Town. The Greek element was driven out and forced to live in neighborhoods outside the city walls, known by the Turkish name of 'Marasia'. These suburbs expanded towards the South and South-East of the Castle, around spots where there had been only country dwellings and churches under the rule of the Knights.
During the last hundred years another new area of building has sprung up, the so-called "Niochori" (new village), along the north front and its first inhabitants were those relocating to Rhodes from other nearby islands as well as foreigners. This was the area that the Italians chose to built their modern buildings, turning it into the administrative center of the city.



Meltemi Restaurant

Visa Travel Club

Marathon Travel & Rent a Car


Nikos Taxi Tours


Mocassino Shoe Store

Roubeti Uomo

African Prince Music Bar

Captains Hook Music Bar

Euroktimatiki Real Estate

Jason Restaurant

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