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Kastri Cafe in Rhodes island Koskinou House in Rhodes Island Playland Cafe in Rhodes Island Kastri Cafe

Rhodes Kallithea: Information about Kallithea in Rhodes, Greek Islands


In the historical region of Kallithea in Rhodes you can visit the entertainment park "Playland" where the parents can enjoy their coffee while the small children can have fun by choosing between a variety of games as slides, cars, inflatable houses.

Also the park is recommended for events as birthday parties. On the other hand if you wish traditional recipes you will prefer the oldest restaurant of Kallithea "Koskinou House" with the quick service and the taste of gastronomic flavours. For your cold coffee or drink in a quiet and music place "Kastri Cafe" is the most suitable place for you. Kastri Restaurant.



Kallithea is not one but three, perfectly different from each other situations. Let's begin from the more nostalgic point, the magic catwalk of Baths, where Alikaki was chasing in love with Boylgaridi in the "Bait", the most famous spot on the island and the one spot which all Greece know, even if it has not stepped never her leg in Rhodes.The baths are from alone them a unique architecture attraction - particularly afterwards the amazing work of recent renovation, a vaulted building in to palms and on to water, great mosaic and a breeze of Morocco, there where Aegean comes meets the neighbouring arabic world. In the small beach front in the Baths, low, small mild rocks and certain deck chair on green, frozen waters. A refreshing dive in the morning with a dazzling view of the sunrise that dyes all red the building's pillars, is a unique experience.

Farther away the little golfs rest, the public becomes more international with gay shades, nudists, people in love enjoying sea tete-a-tetes and snorkeling lovers. Right before Faliraki the wonderful green and blue fair waters continue at a vast sandy beach with thick sand, colourful umbrellas and unexploited places. Here you will find mostly big hotel's customers and rather seldom sporadic tourists.

Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island
Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island
Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island
Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island
Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island
Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island Kallithea Beach - Rhodes Island


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Kallithea beach in Rhodes Greece
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